Sunday, November 4, 2007

"I can assure you that the apparent implications of his statement do NOT reflect the NRA's position."

Yep. That's the response I got from the NRA when I asked what was going on with Mr. Jackson and his statement to public TV.

The question now is, "Why is he still sitting on the NRA Board of Directors?" If you said, "But Jeff82 (ok, "Recall Jackson" on this blog), according to the Bylaws it falls to the voting membership to petition to recall a sitting member." I'd say, "You're right, among other ways, this is the best remedy when members need to remove Board Members when they don't follow the NRA Bylaws. Have you filled out your petition?" (Which is availabe right here on this site.)

You can read all about the email, the statements, the excuses, all about everything involved by roaming around on this blog.

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