Saturday, December 22, 2007

NRA Petition List up and running!

Head on over to and sign up on the list so you are notified quickly when another petition is needed to correct some injustice at NRA HQ. We can be a vocal membership when our elected officials step out of line! Go over to the above site and if we need to take action again we can do it posthaste!

Leadership accountability to the membership is a GOOD thing! It will take us to where we all want to go!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Decision Is In, This Petition has Ended (Important Note in 3rd paragraph!!!)

First I want to thank all of you who worked to bringing this important issue to light. All of you who copied petitions and carried them to your meeting places and spread the word about this effort. Although we did not garner the numbers needed (see the following "Update.. " to see the final numbers) I think it was and remains a noble effort to ensure that our elected leaders realize that there are those of us out here that are watching. We insist that our organization pursue the objectives as outlined in our Bylaws and that we will not take kindly to those who, inadvertently or not, make our lives, sport, methods of defense, our very freedoms harder to hold onto.

This effort has "rung the bell" at NRA HQ loud and clear. Our message has gotten through even if we didn't get the recall pushed through. No problem. I've been told, as I wrote earlier, that a stern message was delivered to all the Board members to watch what they say and who they say it to. We were a part of that.

I've created a new website at where active and interested NRA voting members can sign up to become "Minutemen". This list will be kept privately and in the event another petition is needed we'll have the requisite number of members so in the future a validated petition can be had in a matter of weeks if not days. Also this site will have other member's petitions and their information as needed. If you sent me a petition I ask that you sign up to be a Minuteman. I'd like to write each one of you before I destroy all the petitions but that is going to cost over $73 (.41 x 180, plus envelopes and paper). I received $1 dollar as a donation to the cause (Thank you!). All other expenses were born by me. (These included P.O. Box rental, a binder, site hosting for download file [free but I bought the hotlink so it would be easy to "click and download" instead of having to navigate through myriad buttons and links to get to the file], dividers, tabs, and the time, gas, and wear and tear on the vehicle to go to Box [almost daily since mid-October].)

It is very important that all of us spread the existence of this new site to all voting members. I estimate that we've got over one million voting members in the NRA. We might have touched around a percent with this petition (with luck!). We need to let a much larger slice of voting members know about this so they can sign up. I'd like a thousand or two. That's only about 16/10,000ths of a percent!! That way we'll never be caught short again. It can only bring more health and vitality to our Organization!!

Update: How is the effort going?

We needed 450 total with at least 100 coming from at least three states. We did not meet that threshold.

1624 downloads from the Megaupload site as of 1557 hrs EST 20 Jan 08. (Not counting pdf downloads from the various places it is posted but there's around 250 of them.)

The hard part will be getting 100 per in at least three states.

180 Petitions received.
Three states closest to 100:
California - 27
New York - 14
3rd: (Tie)
Pennsylvania - 10
Texas - 10

Breakdown (with some just kidding for the "no shows", come on, SMILE!):
Alabama - 2
Alaska - 3
Arizona - 4
Arkansas - 1
California - 27
Colorado - 5
Connecticut - 1
Delaware - 0 ("The First State" to fail to support this effort.)
Florida - 5
Georgia - 4
Hawaii - 0 (I'm not surprised by this demo-mecca. Please surprise me!!)
Idaho - 0 (This one I am surprised by! Although after the Randy Weaver massacre I can see why they're a little gun-shy...)
Illinois - 4
Indiana - 5
Iowa - 2
Kansas - 1
Kentucky - 2
Louisiana - 0 (Ray Nagin and his merry band of gun grabbing criminal JBT's, maybe there's none left to protect?)
Maine - 1
Maryland - 4
Massachusetts - 1
Michigan - 5
Minnesota - 3
Mississippi - 4
Missouri - 5
Montana - 1
Nebraska - 1
Nevada - 2
New Hampshire - 1
New Jersey - 4
New Mexico - 0 (Home of the Whittington Center?! Probably busy keeping their powder dry and an eye on their southern border.)
New York - 14
North Carolina - 7
North Dakota - 2
Ohio - 2
Oklahoma - 2
Oregon - 3
Pennsylvania - 10
Rhode Island - 2
South Carolina - 3
South Dakota - 0 (You gotta be kidding me! Joe Foss' home state?!!)
Tennessee - 2
Texas - 10
Utah - 1
Vermont - 2
Virginia - 8
Washington - 7
West Virginia - 0 (Well, you turned your back on us 144 years ago, you'd be out of character to stand with us now.)
Wisconsin - 4
Wyoming - 4

And here's a few tidbits:
West Coast vs. East Coast: 37 v. 54

West of Mississippi River vs. East of Mississippi River: 84 v. 97

Red State vs. Blue State (2004 Presidential Election): 88 v. 93

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hearing Board Ready and Waiting

I received a call from NRA Secretary Jim Land today. He was letting me know that the hearing board is set for the 19th-20th of Dec and all is a go. I let him know that as of present, we don't have the numbers to validate the petition. I told him I set Dec 10th as the next deadline to get the petitions to me and that I'd be in contact with him to let him know what the outcome is, closer to the 10th.

The NRA is doing their part... (hint hint, let's get those petitions in!) more ways than one. He did let me know that at the fall board meeting a senior leader basically (I'm paraphrasing, he used different terms and my memory these days is, uh, not what it once was. I do know what he was getting across) dressed down the Board and emphasized the point that if you can't properly speak (in supporting NRA policy, etc.) in public then don't open your mouth!

Regardless of what happens with this petition effort, I think the message was received loud and clear at NRA HQ!