Saturday, November 3, 2007

9% Return Rate?!

As of right now I'm seeing about a 9% return rate of downloaded petitions. That means that more than 9 out of 10 of those who downloaded this petition either gave up on it, decided it wasn't important enough, or were talked out of it by peers. This won't get us to where we need to go.

(Following comments directed to those "whom the shoe fits": )

We could have this all wrapped up all ready (and have one "H" of an effective gun rights steamroller in the making) but it seems the more "passionate" among us have turned tail and run (leaving or already left the NRA) allowing NRA "Milquetoast" to remain at the helm. That coupled with the fact that, as I was warned by others who've led these efforts before, the majority of gun owners are apathetic, lazy, self interested, and couldn't care less about your guns, so long as they keep theirs. This is stupidity at it's core as anyone with any brains realizes "a house divided will fall". "Onward to mediocrity!!" (In this case meaning, you can only have the [portion of] the Rights I say you can!)

Count yourself fortunate if you have the company of aggressive, like-minded, pro 2A gun owners! You may need the 'cell' later!

Help me get "those" motivated!


Merell said...

Mine is on the way; hopefully it won't be too late.

be603 said...

Don't give up the ship Jeff. If we don't get him this time, we'll do it next time. Not going to retreat. There's too much at stake.

This type of netroots effort wasn't possible before we all started getting online.

This is a first try. We're on to something here. We just need to run the drill, re-run the drill and figure out how to do this.

I've learned a few things myself about getting posters and petitions out. Simple stuff like keeping a folder of spares in the car and dropping/re-dropping everytime I stop at a gunshop or the range.

Don't be surprised if lots of folks can't find their NRA member number -- don't know how to crack the code. I had to look it up on the NRA website to decode magazine label -- it wasn't super easy/intuitive to locate online.

I suspect over half of the PRK petitions are result of lame first try efforts of just me and 308Mike. We'll get better at this and get more folks engaged longterm. Repeat do not give up the ship. You're doing Yeoman labor. Stay at your station.

That is all. Bravo Zulu to you.

be603 said...

hey that makes me think...

Maybe copy from NRA site "how to find your member number" to go along w/ petition pdf or put up visible on the recall page?

Recall Jackson said...

Sounds good be603. I will stay at my post as I owe that much to the folks who trusted me enough to send their petitions already. "I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved."

Would be nice to establish a "Minutemen Freedom Cell" of voting NRA members that could be called upon to lend support when (and if they support) petitions such as this one are needed to allow a recall...

Mike said...

This might be like quitting smoking, we might have to do it a couple of times before being successful.

I hope it doesn't work that way and we're successful the first time around, but it seems we're having a hard time getting the word out enough places and having to quash rumors this time.