Monday, December 3, 2007

Hearing Board Ready and Waiting

I received a call from NRA Secretary Jim Land today. He was letting me know that the hearing board is set for the 19th-20th of Dec and all is a go. I let him know that as of present, we don't have the numbers to validate the petition. I told him I set Dec 10th as the next deadline to get the petitions to me and that I'd be in contact with him to let him know what the outcome is, closer to the 10th.

The NRA is doing their part... (hint hint, let's get those petitions in!) more ways than one. He did let me know that at the fall board meeting a senior leader basically (I'm paraphrasing, he used different terms and my memory these days is, uh, not what it once was. I do know what he was getting across) dressed down the Board and emphasized the point that if you can't properly speak (in supporting NRA policy, etc.) in public then don't open your mouth!

Regardless of what happens with this petition effort, I think the message was received loud and clear at NRA HQ!

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