Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Great Dialog!

Places to read what others are saying, the points and counter-points that have been made, and other interesting twists!

(In the order they are lined up in my Forums Folder!)

American Backyard Forum
AR15.com (1)
AR15.com (2)
CZ Forum
Florida Shooters Network
Glock Talk (1)
Glock Talk (2)
GunThing (1)
GunThing (2)
Liberty's Price
Military Firearm
Olympic Arms Owners Association
Sniper's Hide
Tactical Shooting Forum
The High Road
War Rifles (1)
War Rifles (2)

1 comment:

Mike said...

The posts noted at GunThing are just the recent ones regarding the recall. There's also this thread back on September 7, 2007:


It's just been slowly building as more information keeps bubbling to the top and people find out - AND THEY'RE PISSED!